Nigerian lady calls out Pastors that duped her mother of N2.2m

An aggrieved Nigerian lady took to Facebook to call out some Pastors for allegedly duping her mother of N2.2m with a fake prophecy.    According to Deborah Anderson, the fraudulent act allegedly perpetrated by Pastor Peter Daniel and the founder of Mountain of No Regret, Prophet John Divine, almost tore her family apart and they are still in the healing process.    She wrote;    Mom, I know you might not be happy with me calling them out!!but yea I hv to do it!!! Hi, my name is DEBORAH ANDERSON. I really need to share this to heal my hurt but just Incase you don’t like it , you can unfriend or better still block! The House of God is a place where you run to and be saved right ?? But today, many are scared  to go into the house of God!  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!! Beware of False Prophets and False churches all around! These are reasons why people prefers “stay at home and pray” This people claim to be called men of God but right now it’s not what it is!!!  They made my mom in pains today!! Pls, where in the Bible Jesus took millions to heal the sick ??? FAKE CLAIM! FAKE PROPHECY! FAKE CHURCH!!! You Omini Shap Shap (MOUNTAIN OF NO REGRET FOUNDER) claim to a prophecy about taking off a monitoring mirror in my fathers house and you charged my mom 500k for it, she gave you as a mother that wants every thing well for her family and up till now you didn’t show up! You ignored taking her calls, you told her stories that couldn’t fit at all! ??‍??. She came to ur church,reminding you of the so called “work” to be done. You acted like she doesn’t exist. Not just that. You and Peter Daniel still claim a prophecy worth of 1.7milli and the remaining half was given to Prophet John Divine ( omini shap shap) but at the end of the day... You both played her like a fool,Yes she was scammed and got my dad in a bitter anger!!! Yes, the 2.2million naira is gone.  You made my family almost tear apart!!! But to the glory of God,He intervened POWERFULLY!!! We have moved! But i Deborah ! Daughter of Zion is letting y’all know about this. Be careful of FAKE CHURCHES !! They are everywhere!!! We are in the healing process  I rest my case PLEASE HELP ME REPOST!!!!!! Save someone from that BLINDNESS!!!!!
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