Friends accuse law enforcement agents of killing Uniport graduate and refusing to release his corpse to his family

Friends of a Uniport graduate have accused the police of killing him and refusing to release his corpse to his family.   Chinedu Obi, aka Zinquest, is reportedly the young man in a video which recently went viral. In the video, he was bleeding from a gunshot wound in a police station in Sango, Ogun State. The police alleged that he broke the handcuffs placed on him with an axe then went on to destroy the windscreen of several cars in the station.   But his friends had a different story to tell. They took to Twitter to say that Chinedu was a peaceful citizen who went to visit a friend named Ardio Surdic in Sango, but he "was killed in cold blood by law enforcement officers."   They said that the police shot him then as he lay bleeding in their station, they ridiculed him and took photos and videos, rather than rush him to the hospital. He eventually died.   When his family sent a lawyer to the station on the same day his bloody video went viral, they claim the officers refused to release his body and said the family must pay damages.   Friends and loved ones are now asking for justice with the hashtags #Justiceforzinquest, #Justiceforchinedu, and #HumanNOTanimal.  
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