Should I Continue With My Job Or I Should Leave And Work As A Money Agent?

please ignore all grammatical errors I finished service around march this year and i stayed with my brother in lagos who is a site engineer after service, he was the one taking care of my feeding and giving me money for upkeep, since getting g a job has been really hard for me. Fast forward to June my mum went on my behalf to one of the well to do man in our community and narrated my ordeal to him, the man asked me to bring my CV the next morning, when I got their the following morning the man gave me his complimentary card and told me to go with my CV and credentials to the company on the complimentary card that I will be interviewed that same day. when I got to the company I met like 6 people who came to collect there appointment letter, when i met the GM of the company the man said the person that directed me to come didn't inform him of anything, he called the man when I was with him but he didn't pick, he asked me to drop my CV and credentials that I will be contacted after he speak with the man. I told the man what happened when I got back home, he said I will be following him to the Company the next day, when we got to the company I was given the post of Factory assistant and I was asked to resumed work the following week. when I resumed work the following week I got to know the man that gave me the link is the chairman of the company and the company is a still a new company which is still under construction, we were all employed to assist the Indians who came from their country for the installation of the machines that will be use for production. the work we were being assigned to is very stressful let's just say we are working like a casual worker(labourer) we break strong concretes with hammer carry big irons and do all sort of work a labourer do, the work is very stressful and we works form Monday to Saturday (8-5). I explained all what I have been facing at this job to my brother and this week he called me and told me to ask if their is a future plan for us at the company when they begin production, but I told him I don't know about the future plans of the company for us. He said the reason he was asking me is to know if he should open a PAGA(Money agent) shop which I will be managing pending the time I get a better job or I will continue working at the company but I am a little bit confused I don't know if I should continue working with this company despite the stress involves and hopes for a better position when they start production or I should leave and start working as a Money agent. please help a confused brother.
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